Shows and Events

JJP produces completely original work, as well as brand new takes on classics.   We have a wide source of inspiration, taking the works of romantic poets, french absurdists, and naturalistic novelists, and envisioning them under new light for the stage.

Graphic Design: Michael Jung

Raison d’Être: An Evening of Pirandello

Raison d’être: an Evening of Pirandello explores the complexity and depth of Italian dramatist Luigi Pirandello’s work by taking his seminal play, Six Characters in Search of an Author and infusing it with characters and themes from two of his notable one-act plays, Chee Chee and The Man with the Flower In His Mouth.  This modern interpretation weaves together three works that showcase Pirandello’s markedly unique style and his examination of the various personas that people choose to wear or that society forces upon them.

‘...Raison d’être is stunning; a more comprehensive discussion of “to be or not to be” than can be found in Hamlet.’ - Jan Ewing, Hi!Drama, New York

‘…An intricate tale that blurs the line between reality and illusion… Skillfully combines Pirandello’s off-kilter comedy with his puzzling irony and sudden bursts of affecting drama.’ - Bob Dreyfuss, Picture This Post, New York 



A devising workshop followed by a reading of the Shakespeare classic, exploring the themes of propaganda, deception, and betrayal.  

Goblin Market

A spellbinding solo performance of Christina Rossetti’s poem, Goblin Market engages the imaginations of both children and adults alike. Told through the lens of America's southern Appalachia, themes of sisterhood, obsession, and redemption come to life in this haunting folk tale.