Who We Are

Raison d’Être: An Evening of Pirandello :   Composing Session  with Chris Tench and Brett R Stewart 

Raison d’Être: An Evening of Pirandello: Composing Session  with Chris Tench and Brett R Stewart 


Our Mission:

J Jewell Productions, LLC seeks to create vibrant, resonant, collaborative works of emotionally provocative theatre, through music, movement, text, and voice - for all inclusive audiences.  We are a company of multi-disciplinary theatre artists. As an ensemble company, we prioritize collaboration and a sense of community within our work. Using translation, adaptation, devising, and general experimentation, J Jewell Productions, LLC aims to create original theatre by any means possible.  We are committed to endowing our work with the ability to transport, uplift, educate, and challenge our audiences, as well as those involved in its creation.

Eugene Ionesco gathered simply that, “All theatre is absurd.”  We hold this to be a fact. We embrace the absurdity, we factor in the madness, and we make it work.